Week 2

In the second week I decided, just like Anna, to make a practice site, because I would like to try everything out from the course. For my own website http://patchfriends.kitsios.nl I do not need all these things, so I can try them on my practice site. Maybe it is a good idea for Karla, to advise in her course to make a practice site next to the site you want to make.
The piece about the toolbar: I have read this and tried, like you see, is it not nice? But to be honest, this was all familiar. The "link"you see above, and it


The gadget you added is not valid
is also working. One of the assignments was to place a Google Gadget; so I did. You can see the weather gadget. Everybody wants to know, the weather, is it not? You have to search a bit and try; and you see it is working.  Now I also made a sub page, where exercise 2 is placed. So we are trying everything.
This practice site is not attached to my other websites and therefor also not to my domain name.
I have almost done every exercise, now I have to start working on my other website. But that will take a while, I have to think what I want to do and how I want to do this; shall I ask the members of the quiltclub to write a piece about theirselves? So a bit more brain storming.
Subpages (1): Exercise 2