Last week

This is already the last week of the course. It is not easy, but interesting. The part of the chapter "How Google can find your website" is not going so well. In the beginning (without the course) I opened a gmail account. Later on I opened another account attached to my domain name. If I want to work with the Google Helpmaster programs, I cannot come in the right account. Somewhere it goes wrong. 
And that is a pity, especially for my bird site and the quilt site, it would be nice, if the people can find these sites.
Finally there comes help form Karla, the teacher, via Crossloop. A program that makes it possible that Karla logs on my computer and helps me solve the problem. Now everybody can find my sites.
Furthermore I have filled in the codes  (web id's) for Google Analytics, so I can make nice graphics. And I can see how may times my sites are visited.